Are All Vegan Skinny? Top 10 Green Muscles Smackdown!

are vegan skinny?

Did the question “Are all vegans skinny?” ever reach you? I mean, this is a  classic. “How can you have any body fat if you just eat grass?” Is the incredible Hulk the only one that has green muscles?

Are All Vegan Skinny?Top 10 Green Muscles Smackdown!I love it when somebody is coming up with this great question. I straight think, “This dude does not have Internet nor a slight sense of curiosity or what?” Continue Reading


9 Ways Of How Vegan Quotes Can Make You Invincible

9 ways how vegan quote can make you invincible

I love quotes!! I always did and I always will. The first one I used to repeat over and over again was from BuzzLightYear’s first movie ( Toy Story) “To infinity, and beyond”. When years passed by I just started to use more mature ones and 15 years ago, when i went vegetarian, a new world opened up to me.9 ways of how vegan quotes can make you invincible

This is why, dear reader, today I will share not only my favorite vegan quotes but also the 9 ways in which they can make you invincible. Are you ready? Let’s go.

First of all, why should somebody know vegan quotes by heart? Is there a meaning? How can they help me and be useful in my quest against the murder of animals, ignorance and lack of compassion towards slaughter for a profit?

I made a little list, I hope you enjoy it: Continue Reading


Vegan Shopping Quest-What to Buy And what Not

vegan shopping quest-what to buy and what not

Today’s topic is something I always wanted to write about, but I wanted to take my time and do some proper research. Unless we have a specific Shop close to our house or a good animal-friendly store in our neighborhood, shopping for a vegan might be a real quest. Continue Reading


Benefits Of eating Healthy-The 7 Levels To Know How achieve them

Benefits Of eating Healthy

Everybody seems to know all the Benefits of eating healthy, to follow the right diet and to have the perfect ingredients to cook the best meal in the neighborhood. This topic at the moment of writing collects around 106 million results on Google. Not bad i would say, I just wish the collective health would reflect these numbers.

The truth is that to know the benefits of something doesn’t mean to act in order to achieve them. Something always misses in the equation. If i talk with health freaks I can definitely agree with lots of topics, the right amount of seeds combined with the best sauce creates the perfect amino-acid balance for a proper digestion, etc. Sometimes i just get lost in so much theory. Continue Reading


Simple Grace Before Meal-A very Powerful Tool

simple grace before meal

Let me ask you a straightforward question. Do you believe sound can affect us? That the vibrations created by it could change the atomic structure of something? Or simply that a simple grace before a meal could benefit us tremendously?

If the first reaction in the mind was “what a bunch of crap” then i really think you shouldn’t waste your time keeping reading this article, thanks anyway for stopping by, ciao ciao. Continue Reading


Valentines For Vegans- Get Organic Cruelty-Free Condoms

vegan seal

Since I started Vegan Consciousness i have to say i have become a better vegan myself.

In order to share valuable information I am always on a quest to find out more and more things Vegans might need to know or would like to know.

Soon it will be San Valentines’ day and my curiosity lead me toward a topic that was always on my mind. So today my post is about valentines for vegans- Get organic cruelty free condoms. Is it possible? Well, keep reading. Continue Reading


Best Tips For Healthy Eating Habits- My Top 10 List

Best Tips For Healthy Eating Habits- My Top 10 List

How many times we finish our meal and felt not so great? How often we realized that, we shouldn’t have that last piece of cake, a bit too late? Why is it so uncommon to have a strategy to improve the way we eat and how we relate to food? Why do we repeat over and over the things that make us sick, overweight and far from feeling good about food?

I asked myself the same questions due to my eating disorders, Including eating too much and too fast. I needed some of the best tips for healthy eating habits in order to give a solid structure to my day, my diet and my life. Continue Reading


VonShef 200W Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Masticating Juicer- A Waste of Money Or A Safe Path To Health

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Product: VonShef 200W Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Masticating Juicer

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My rating: 9 out of 10

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VonShef 200W Professional Slow Fruit Vegetable Masticating Juicer Overview

I want to start this review with a quote from the famous actress Thandi Newton: ” I never understood the point of juicing- I always thought I could get enough nutrients from eating fruits and vegetables- But now I am a convert”

Often people do not know the power of raw juice and the benefits for the immune system. I decided to write this review as I am about to start my 7 days juice fast. I am excited to share this with you dears reader. Why am I excited? Because juicing changed my life, since then I can’t live without it. Continue Reading


Coconut Sugar- The Perfect Alternative Or A Mere Illusion?

oraganic coconut sugar

Have you ever tried Coconut Sugar? Do you know what it tastes like or how to use it? Why it seems to be the best for a vegan diet and for our health? Well dear reader, in the case you have these questions, keep reading and i think this article can help you, or at least assist you. Continue Reading


What is Hemp Seed For, Vegan Health Benefits

superfood love

Thanks so much for making the wise choice for getting to the Truth about What is Hemp Seed For, Vegan Health Benefits here at Andrea’s Marvelous Vegan Consciousness website.

My name is CannaGary and recently I was contacted by Andrea the marvelous Researcher, Author and WebMaster here at Vegan Consciousness; to do a small guest post which I have called “What is Hemp Seed For, Vegan Health Benefits”

I am honored and I hope you enjoy your read and the healthful information. Continue Reading